Built for any level of expertise

Cloudsome provides a very straightforward interface for you to monitor your services in real time. Our feature-rich and yet simple system will you over.

Instant Alerts

Get notified instantly via SMS or Email whenever any of your services experiences downtime.

Multimple monitor types

Monitor a page or a TCP port for response time. Ping a host and post data to a form.

Detailed Logs

View and analyse detailed logs of your services' responses. See a snapshot of uptime and downtime.

Monitor from multimple locations

Monitor your services from multiple geographic locations. Compare load times based on access locations.

Unlimited contacts

Create and notify as many contacts as you like using SMS or Email. Disable alerts for specific contacts any time.

Flexible graphs

Use our date-range enabled graphs to see any downtime your service may have had in the past.



$ 0 /mo

10 uptime checks

5 min. check intervals
No SMS alerts
30 days of logs
Checked from 1 location
No SSL monitoring
SMS credits can be bought any time

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Endless Components

Over a dozen reusable components built to provide iconography, dropdowns, input groups, navigation, alerts, and much more.


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